“the internet” or “the Internet” or “the web”?

I like words. Words are important.

Words can also be confusing – especially in English, where we like to use the same words (sometimes, but not always, with slightly different spelling) to mean very different things.

One lesson that’s stuck out to me recently, is that internet and the Internet and the web are not the same.


The Internet, IRL: 2016

Who knew there were so many awesome events, where Internet groupies can get together to talk about this vital public resource that quietly facilitates freedom of speech and an endless supply of cat videos, all in a day’s work.

Here’s a short, incomplete and Sam-leaning list of events where you can talk about the Internet, IRL, in 2016.


Into the Internet, vol.1: Digital Dividends

I recently joined the team at the Mozilla Foundation – the awesome not-for-profit that owns the Mozilla Corporation, which makes Firefox and the like – and I’m still coming to terms with the fact that my job is now to help protect the Internet (more about what we’re trying to do here).


I came out looking white. And that’s it.

I think a great deal (and have started to write more) about my experiences as a mixed-race woman. One thing I’ve been chewing on for awhile like a stale piece of gum is that I look (aka ‘present as’) white.


I was setting annual goals before they were cool.

…they’re cool now, right?